March 2021


When people think of the inner planet Venus, they think of love. In a more fundamental sense, Venus symbolizes the principle of relating. While love is very much Venus’s domain, relating also extends to friendships,… Read More »Venus


The inner planet Mercury symbolizes the conscious mind: all the faculties that are connected to the mind and arise out of the mind. We make sense of our world by taking the inputs from our… Read More »Mercury

Inner Planets

The Sun and Moon energies are the foundation of the personality, and they inform all aspects of life. Modulated by the characteristics of the sign in which they are placed, they influence everything we do.… Read More »Inner Planets


We can’t look directly at the Sun, because it’s light would blind us. We can feel its warmth, and its life giving energy, but the light itself can be only be seen via its reflection… Read More »Moon


The Sun is the presiding luminary, the light that fuels life. The glyph of the Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The circle is the unmanifest spirit, the field of all… Read More »Sun