April 2021

Saturn Cycle

Jupiter’s orbital period is 12 years, but Saturn takes 29 and a half years to do one complete revolution around the Sun. This means Saturn spends roughly two and half years in each sign, more… Read More »Saturn Cycle

Jupiter Cycle

The orbital periods of Jupiter and Saturn are much longer than those of the inner planets. The orbital period of Jupiter is just under 12 years, which means that Jupiter spends roughly a year in… Read More »Jupiter Cycle


As the other social planet, Saturn is the counterpoint to Jupiter’s excess. It is the planet of of constraint. The famous rhyme “check yourself before you wreck yourself” perfectly captures Saturn’s cautionary outlook. When we… Read More »Saturn


Jupiter and Saturn are the social planets, in contrast to Mercury, Venus, and Mars which are the inner planets. Unlike the inner planets that are highly individual and personalized in how they are expressed, Jupiter… Read More »Jupiter


Mars is the outermost of the inner planets. Mars is the principle of action, simple and direct. It is about going after what we want. Psychologically, it is the male principle. But, as with Venus’s… Read More »Mars