Air Signs

The signs Gemini, Libra, and Aquarius are in the air element, and are known as the air signs.

Gemini is the 3rd sign in the conventional zodiac sequence, and starts at 60 degrees of the great circle.Libra, being the 7th sign, starts at 180 degrees, and Aquarius, the last of the air signs, is the 11th in sequence, and starts at 300 degrees. Like the family of fire and earth signs, the signs in the air family are in trine to each other, being 120 degrees apart. 

People with planets in air signs are inclined to turn things around in their mind much more than those with emphasis on the other elements. They are drawn to thoughts and ideas, and are eager to exchangethese with others. 

Plans and abstractions are a draw for air people. They think before they act, and are prone to rationalizing. Which endows them with detachment and objectivity. They are also able to examine ideas and plans from many different angles, making them great people to turn to for unbiased and exhaustive analysis of any situation. 

The detachment afforded by the air element allows these people to effectively deal with others because they don’t get caught up in other people’s emotions. This makes them highly sociable. Which, coupled which their objectivity, makes them natural intermediaries in handling and resolving conflicts between individuals or groups.

Sun or Moon in air endows a person with the ability to accept and entertain many different points of view without bias or prejudice. They may not agree with another person’s position, but the disagreement comes out of rationalizing, and is not a knee-jerk emotional reaction.

People with Sun or Moon in air get along well with almost anyone, and are inclined to give others a fair shake, without judgment. Because of this, people with Sun or Moon in air tend to be quite popular – in fact, they will work toward being popular.

When Mercury is in air, there is a distinct proclivity to juggle with ideas. They are generally adept at dealing with multiple streams of data simultaneously. These people want to see all sides of any plan, and will spend a lot of time and effort to make sure all bases are covered before making decisions. This might test others’ patience, especially when a quick decision is needed, and Mercury in air is still pondering the pros and cons of all possibilities.

Venus in air signs are very facile at building relationships that emphasize mental connections. They need to talk and cogitate about stuff in order to relate meaningfully with others. Versatility is important, so Venus in air people seek to build a big social circle comprising a variety of perspectives and lifestyles.

Mars combines with air in an interesting manner. Mars is about action and getting things done, but air is about thinking and communicating thoughts and words. So Mars in air will tend to be aggressive about staking out idealogical positions, with a lot of push behind promoting and communicating ideas. As a consequence, there may a bluntness in speech and a tendency to provoke fights over ideas.

To find out which of your horoscope planets, if any, are in earth signs, see Horoscopes.


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