Being the Moon

Everyone knows their Sun sign, and I mean everyone, not just astrologers. But very few know their Moon sign. That’s something isn’t it? Got me wondering about how we could be blind to our Moon energies unless we went looking for it. And when we finally do find out what our Moon sign is, it typically comes as a surprise. What, my Moon is in Libra? You were doing quite well “being a Virgo”, thank you very much. (See how we use this phrase for our Sun sign, completely owning it, to the exclusion of everything else). Now what the heck do I do with this Libra thing? In the meantime everyone who knows you–and this is a lot of people–knows that you are always connecting, making friends, playing host or going to parties, talking smooth, shying from controversies. In short, being an all-round Libran without even knowing it!

It feels like the universe has hatched a plot to keep us from being “aware” of the Moon. Everyone runs around wanting to pursue power, or leadership, or knowledge. These pursuits are the Sun’s business, but if we know “who we are”, then how come we want to pursue it? The astrologer Liz Greene has said (and I paraphrase) that we aspire to be our Sun sign, but we may never fully be it–it is a lifelong work in progress. It’s like that thing that is outside of us, constantly beckoning, and never quite within full reach.

The Moon is the opposite of this. We are already our Moon. The energies and way of being signified by our Moon sign is hardwired in us so deeply that we are never really aware of it. We go around trying to be the best Capricorn we can be (Sun sign), while we are already very much a Scorpio (Moon sign)–only, we don’t see it.

What comes first, what is more important: food-clothing-shelter or the pursuit of fame? The former is all Moon, the latter is all Sun. When it comes to the Moon’s needs, there are no questions–they must be fulfilled, day after day, hour after hour, minute after minute. We can’t set the needs aside, we can’t postpone them, we can’t control them, we can’t make them bend to our will. If our needs are not met, we feel out of sorts, we grumble, we sour on the world, we may even go a little–or a lot–crazy.

The nature of our Moon–sign and aspects–shows our greatest strengths, those we take for granted but may not appreciate enough. The nature of our Moon also reveals our greatest weaknesses, our vulnerabilities and insecurities, the things that we simply can’t ignore. Often, the strengths and weakness are two sides of the same coin, and often what makes us look competent and in control can also be our downfall. Reason is we actually don’t know that these are our strengths, or those are our weaknesses. What’s your greatest strength? I work too hard. What’s your greatest weakness? I work too hard! That could well be a Moon in Capricorn or a close Moon-Saturn aspect.

While you are not entirely being your Sun, you may feel you are not being “authentic”. With the Moon, you’re always entirely being it–Moon-wise, you are authentic 24×7 without even trying. Suppose you have the Moon is in Sagittarius. Perhaps you know enough astrology to have gathered that Sagittarians are opinionated, adventurous, blah blah. But you don’t quite feel that way! You are restrained with your opinions, and you hate bungee jumping. Fear not, you are being very much authentic–because you have that Saturn right on your Moon, and you are very much being that Saturn-Moon package, and you simply can’t be any other way.

Your particular Moon (sign, aspects) is tailor-made for what makes you comfortable, safe, and secure. With the same Saturn conjunct a Sagittarius Sun, you can choose whether you want to let your opinions rip, or hold them back depending on circumstance. But with the Moon-Saturn combo, you are given to being restrained, it’s a habit, it’s the only way you know to be. And it feels right!


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