What’s in Store for me Next Year? – Part 3

In Part 1, I introduced the story of a woman who consulted with me in 2004, wanting to know what was in store for her in 2005 as seen through her horoscope. That first part established what the woman wanted from life at the time of consultation, through an analysis of the Sun, Moon, and ascendant trifecta in her natal horoscope.

In Part 2, I moved on to the astrological trends for 2005, starting with the transits of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto the angles of the horoscope. These transits with the supporting transit of Saturn indicated that the time was ripe for a career advancement. The next consideration is: would she get opportunities in 2005 to build contacts in the field of professional alternative healing?

Transits of Outer Planets to Nodal Axis

When it comes to establishing contacts with individuals or groups, we need to consider the nodal axis in the horoscope. Interviews, networking events, meetings with strangers that turn out to be meaningful – all of these are tied to activity shown by the nodal axis. Once again, we start with the transits of the outer planets, this time to the nodal axis. Here’s the transit chart for the focal point of July 1, 2005, midway into the year:

The nodal axis is along 15 Vir 22 (north node) – 15 Pis 22 (south node). We need to see if any of transiting Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto make a conjunction, square, opposition, or semisquare aspect to the nodal axis.

Transiting Pluto is at 22 Sag 44. Looks like it could make a square aspect to the nodal axis, but the orb is over 7 degrees past the exact so that ship has sailed. Transiting Neptune is at 17 Aqu 09, and is not going to make any aspect to the nodal axis anytime soon. Transiting Uranus is at 10 Pis 39, and is within 5 degrees of a conjunction with the south node. Will it get to 15 Pis in 2005 and make that conjunction?

Here’s the monthly ephemeris (listing positions of planets Mars through Pluto on the 1st of each month) for 2005:

We see that Uranus does not go anywhere near 15 Pis in all of 2005. So none of the outer planets have any active transits to the nodal axis.

Transits of Saturn to Nodal Axis

Next, we can look at prospective Saturn transits to the nodal axis, as we did in Part 2. Saturn is a powerful influence in taking a possibility and making it real. Since the north node is at 15 Vir and change, when Saturn gets to 0 degrees of Leo, it will be making a semisquare to the north node. And in fact, Saturn does get there in late July, as you can see in the monthly ephemeris above. A 45-degree aspect from Saturn is not life changing, but a life-changing event is not something we expect from a professional contact with an individual or group. All we want is something concrete to come out of such a contact, and the semisquare from Saturn is very likely going to deliver a material outcome.

Let’s not forget (as we already observed in Part 2) that this same transiting Saturn is going to be conjunct the IC in October. The sequence here is important: first a materially relevant contact with an individual or group, then a material thrust to her home-career axis. Add this to all else we have seen of the career boost with Pluto’s transit, this could very well mean a definite step, perhaps a contract of some kind or an appointment that elevates the career status.

Transits of Nodal Axis

When we look at the nodal axis for associations with individuals or groups, we not only look at transits to the nodal axis, but also aspects made by the transiting nodal axis to the angles and planets in the natal chart. Here is the transit chart again with the natal north node marked out:

Notice that the transiting north node is at 18 Ari 43, and is already within 1 degree of an exact semisquare to the ascendant. Remember that the nodal axis is in permanent retrograde motion, so when the transiting north node moves to 17 Ari 48, it will be exactly semisquare the ascendant. Looking back the monthly ephemeris’ last column, you can see this exact aspect will happen in late July of 2005.

You might also note that the natal Saturn is at 11 Cap 51, and so the transiting north node will be exactly square natal Saturn when it gets to 11 Ari 51 – this is seen to happen in November 2005 in the monthly ephemeris. Natal Pluto is at 06 Vir 14, so when the transiting south node gets to at 21 Leo 14, it will be semisquare Pluto – this is seen to happen in May 2005. Saturn and Pluto are both active by transit to the MC-IC axis, and nodal axis, so the nodal transits to these planets closes the loop and reinforces the feel of professional advancement through alliances, and groups through which she can promote her work.

We have gathered key transit measurements to now have a cogent narrative about how this lady’s professional aspiration might gain material traction in 2005. To be continued in Part 4.


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