What’s in Store for me Next Year? – Part 4

In Part 1, I introduced the story of a woman who consulted with me in 2004, wanting to know what was in store for her in 2005 as seen through her horoscope. That first part established what the woman wanted from life at the time of consultation, through an analysis of the Sun, Moon, and ascendant trifecta in her natal horoscope.

In Part 2, I moved on to the astrological trends for 2005, starting with the transits of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto the angles of the horoscope. These transits with the supporting transit of Saturn indicated that the time was ripe for a career advancement.

In Part 3, I addressed the next consideration: would she get opportunities in 2005 to build contacts in the field of professional alternative healing? Contacts, networking, associations, interviews all come under the purview of the nodal axis. Transits to the nodal axis from the outer planets and Saturn/Jupiter, and transits of the nodal axis to the angles and active planets seen in Part 1 and Part 2 (Pluto and Saturn) suggested very strongly that she would come in contact with professionals who could help promote her work.

Now we need to construct a cogent narrative with timelines that would allow this woman to establish and execute a strategy for success. Here again is the transit chart for the focal mid-year date of July 1, 2005:

In this transit chart, I have marked out all the active planets and points we established in Part 2 and Part 3: transiting Pluto and Saturn, transiting nodal axis, natal nodal axis, natal MC and IC.

Pluto-to-MC transit

The most powerful transit in our story, the one that most strongly suggests the promise of career advancement in motion is the transit of Pluto the natal MC, established in Part 2. To recap, when Pluto gets to 24 Sag 15, it will be exactly semisquare the MC. But the activation of the MC into action can happen when transiting Pluto is within 1 degree of the exact aspect, which is when it will have crossed the 23 Sagittarius mark.

Pluto is also the slowest moving transit and covers the broadest swath of time in 2005. So that’s where we will start our narrative in establishing a timeline. Here’s the transit of Pluto as seen in the monthly ephemeris that I presented in Part 2, with the 23 Sag point marked out in the Pluto transit column:

Since Pluto is going direct, then retrograde, then direct again, multiple contacts are made to the MC through the year. There is a general approach to interpreting such multiple direct-retrograde contacts. The first contact of a transiting outer planet to a planet or point must be seen as a seed being sown, even if the individual is unaware of it. Transiting Pluto is first contacting the MC going forward, in February 2005. This is the time when the seed for that career boost will likely be sown.

The second contact of a transiting outer planet to a planet or point must be seen as awareness and action on the part of the individual. Pluto contacts the MC again in May-June, when it is going retrograde. At this time, this lady will be fully aware of the movement in her career, and she will take action (other measurements will indicate the extent and impact of this action) or will be prepared for change.

The last contact of a transiting outer planet to a planet or point must be seen as closure of the initiative that began at the first contact. By this time, the person has concluded this phase of change, and is moving forward to consolidation. For this lady, Pluto has moved forward all the way to Sag 23 by December. Therefore, the lion’s share of the expected career boosting activity is concluded by the end of the year.

In short, the first part of the narrative is that the lady can expect the career boost awareness and activity to be present throughout 2005, so she should make preparations to fully make use of this energy all year long.

Saturn-to-IC transit

We have also established the exact conjunction of transiting Saturn to the IC in October 2005. It’s a very short timeframe and establishes a narrow focus of action to which we will return after we situate the nodal axis activity.

Transits from and to the Nodal Axis

The following highlighted monthly ephemeris details the transits involving the nodal axis:

Here’s the activity in chronological order: transiting south node is semisquare natal Pluto in May, transiting north node is semisquare the ascendant in July, and transiting north node is square natal Saturn in November. So within the longer Plutonian charge for change through the year, the nodal axis establishes a window of opportunity for getting out there and building contacts from May to November. Inside this window is the transit of Saturn semisquare to the nodal axis which is exact in July-August.

Bringing it home with Saturn

To bring everything to a concrete conclusion, we need to look at Saturn. While Pluto sets the whole career advancement process in motion with its unrelenting push, and the nodal axis facilitates the necessary contacts that are needed to make inroads into the professional workspace, it is Saturn that must put the money where the mouth is.

There are three Saturn activities here: the transit of Saturn semisquare the nodal axis in July-August, the transit of Saturn conjunct the IC in October, and the transit of north node square Saturn in November. Playing this out as a sequence of events, we can expect that there is a fruitful professional meeting with a potential sponsor of this lady’s work in August, followed by a firm commitment in October, finalized with a contract in November.

What an active year, culminating in a highly likely fulfillment of this lady’s drive to transition her passionate hobby for alternative healing into a professional enterprise!


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