Fire Signs

The signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius are in the fire element, and are known as the fire signs.

Aries is the 1st sign, Leo is the 5th, and Sagittarius is the 9th. In arc degree terms, with the start of Aries at 0 degrees of the wheel, the start of Leo is at 120 degrees, and that of Sagittarius is at 240 degrees.

Astrologers refer to the fire signs collectively as the fire trine. Trine means threefold or triple, but to astrologers it has a more significant meaning: signs in trine are 120 degrees apart, which makes all fire signs share certain fundamental energies.

So going counterclockwise along the wheel, Aries and Leo are in trine, Leo and Sagittarius are in trine,and Sagittarius and Aries are in trine. In other words, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius are in trine to each other. If you were to join the points of the wheel that are at the start of Aries, Leo and Sagittarius, you would getan equilateral triangle.

The fire element blazes with inspiration. People with planets in fire signs like to be keep things moving simply for the sake of it – no agenda necessary. They get impatient and irritable if they feel like things are slowing down, or getting stuck. They are seen as warm, because fire endows enthusiasm and good cheer. 

As befitting the fire element, these people have fiery tempers but their bouts of temper are flashy and are gone as quickly as they come. 

Fire people are irrepressible, and not given to undue caution. They are not afraid to speak their mind, and can be prone to put their foot in their mouth.

Depending on which planet is in fire, the need to act or express, the need to feel inspired or give inspiration will show up in different ways. With the Sun or Moon, the fire element will build and influence the personality as a whole. The earlier descriptions of fire can be seen fairly obviously in people with the Sun or Moon in fire because it is so deeply embedded in their identity and everyday life.

With Mercury in the fire element, there is an urge to be direct and quick in communication, whether written or verbal. Frank and forthright are fitting descriptions, and the communication could veer toward the bombastic. Words used with flair and color can be powerful motivation, and people with Mercury in fire can be quite adept at employing words that can cut through the fog to illuminate and enlighten, and to spur others to action.

With Venus in fire, relationships and values are built around fun, adding a good dash of boldness and adventure in romance and friendship. Venus in fire wants to have a good time, and will seek associations that can enliven the spirit.

And with Mars in fire, things can get done fast, with little fuss. This can sometimes lead to trouble, but Mars in fire also knows how to dig itself out of holes, fast. Mars in fire is terrific to get things off the ground, and can galvanize into action anyone who is paralyzed with fear or doubt.

Want to know which of your horoscope planets are in the fire element? See Horoscopes to find out.


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