I Happen to Be in Love

On Jun 25, 2022, an article titled, “The Affair of Donald Trump and Rudy Giuliani” appeared in the New York Times. It was an arresting story about the professed love of Donald Trump for Rudy Giuliani. Naturally, I couldn’t resist delving into the astrology of it. What points of contact between the charts of Trump and Giuliani might clue us in to the dynamics of their relationship?

The first contact that jumps out is Giuliani’s Saturn at 27 Gem 06 conjunct Trump’s Sun at 22 Gem 55. This is a what I call a sticky association due to Saturn. It has the potential to be long lasting. Saturn brings obligation to the connection. But who is obligated to whom? Is the Sun (Trump) obligated to Saturn (Giuliani)? The anecdotes in the article are suggestive of this. But, was Saturn in turn obligated to the Sun? How else to explain Giuliani’s desperate defense of Trump until the very end?

The Sun is unearned authority–one rules over others by sheer entitlement. Kings and queens ascend to the throne purely by accident of birth. Saturn is also authority, but it is earned. The Sun draws adulation, Saturn begets respect. The Sun king can choose to be magnanimous to those he deems worthy of his munificence. Saturn, on the other hand, must put in the effort to do whatever it takes to be chosen. This is what Giuliani said about earning Trump’s loyalty: “I acted properly as his lawyer. I did what a good lawyer is supposed to do. I dug up evidence that helped to show the case against him was false; that there was a great deal of collusion going on someplace else other than Russia. And then I stepped on the number one minefield, which is Joe Biden, who is heavily protected by the Washington press corps.”

A remarkable feature of their association is that Trump repeatedly overlooked Giuliani’s very public stumbles, all the times when he cut a sorry figure. Giuliani was a loser many times over, and given Trump’s utter loathing of being associated with losers, he should have ditched Giuliani long ago. But he didn’t. “Rudy was there when a lot of you guys weren’t”, he said. This is out and out the effect of Giuliani’s Saturn on Trump’s Sun, with the Saturn eliciting steadfast loyalty from the Sun.

It wasn’t just that. To all appearances, Giuliani was very much in Trump’s blind spot. What’s the astrological clue for this? Blindness is signified by Neptune. Trump’s Neptune at 5 Lib 50 is closely trine Giuliani’s Sun at 7 Gem 16. I have often observed that when one person’s Sun is in aspect with another’s Neptune, the latter seems not to notice the former’s shortcomings. It is like the Sun person has got a permanent get out of jail free card from the Neptune person.

Mr. Trump rarely gushes about anyone besides himself, but there is something about Rudy Giuliani that has always made him swoon. “Some people don’t like him and some people love him totally,” Mr. Trump said of Mr. Giuliani on “Larry King Live” on Oct. 7, 1999. “I happen to be in love.”

This language of love is doesn’t gush from Saturn, or Sun, or Neptune. It is Venus, pure and simple. When you look at their charts, you see that Giuliani’s Venus, at 29 Tau 17 is exactly square Trump’s ascendant at 29 Leo 59, within an orb of a few minutes. Since Trump claims to be in love with Giuliani, you would expect that it’s Trump’s Venus that is aspecting Giuliani’s ascendant. But in fact it’s the opposite. Which makes me believe that that inter chart aspect is a mutual thing, not a one way street. It’s as if both people are somewhere in the line connecting the aspects, not at the ends.

The Venus-ascendant connection is not all of it. Trump’s Mars, being conjunct his ascendant, enters the picture, squaring Giuliani’s Venus. A Mars-Venus inter-aspect, especially a square, is often a sign of mutual fascination.

Such a profusion of connections between the charts of Trump and Giuliani involving Sun, Neptune, Saturn, Mars, Venus, and the ascendant make their association special indeed. But, wait, we’re not done yet. There’s one more big chart connection. Giuliani’s Venus at 29 Tau 17 is conjunct Trump’s MC at 24 Tau 21, suggesting that Giuliani values (Venus) what Trump stands for (MC). Since Giuliani’s Venus is in Taurus, there is a practical, material bent to the love and values that Venus carries, unlike an idealistic position which is more likely to happen with Venus in Libra. As reported by the Guardian newspaper, in response to a question about whether he was nervous that Trump might throw him under a bus, Giuliani said, with a slight laugh: “I’m not, but I do have very, very good insurance, so if he does, all my hospital bills will be paid.”


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