Fifth House

The fifth house is the arena of self-expression. This is the fundamental signification out of which arise many related meanings. One of them is creativity. When you create, you are giving life to something didn’t exist before in that exact form, otherwise you are just copying. In this sense, creating arises out of pure self-expression that speaks to who you are as a unique individual, which brings in the related significance of identity. People with strong 5th house emphasis are often compelled to spend a lifetime trying to find their authentic self, who they really are. This is the identity quest, and every time they create something truly original, they get a little closer to their true self.

Creativity has yet another profound implication, which is to conceive a child. The 5th house signification of children arises out of this aspect of creativity. If you do have children, planets in the 5th house and the planet ruling the 5th house cusp (or, to put it in a simpler way, ruler of the 5th house) will offer suggestions as to what kind of children you have (their temperament and inclinations), as well as what kind of relationship you will have with your children.

For instance, Mercury suggests a child that tends to live in their head, while Mars suggests a child with much drive and energy. It is not always the case that a child may carry the significations of all the planets in the 5th house, so the way to analyze is to see which of the planetary significations resonate most closely with which child, and which other significations are simply your own way of being creative and self-expressive.

The purest self-expression of children is when they play. Playing has no agenda, no goals, no motivation – children play just for the sake of it. Arising out of the signification of children and self-expression, the 5th house also signifies play, and more broadly, the inner child. People with 5th house emphasized (Sun, Moon, or several planets in the 5th house) like to play. This could span the gamut from playing games or sports, or indulging in a hobby that might take up a lot of time but brings great satisfaction even if there is no external reward. Depending on other configurations in the horoscope, in particular the condition of the 5th house ruler, a hobby or passion could evolve into a livelihood.

Playfulness goes hand in hand with fun and pleasure. This, combined with the signification of conceiving children, associates the 5th house with flirtation, romance, love affairs, and sex as a pleasurable activity. Planets in the 5th house, and the sign in the 5th house, suggest ways in which the person will approach romance and sex.

More broadly, the 5th house signifies your ability and manner of giving love–to your romantic partners, your children, and all your creative work. When people talk about the process of creating something as a “labor of love”, they are drawing a connection between the 5th (love, passion) and the 6th (work, craft, skill) houses.

The ruler of the natural 5th house being Leo brings in drama as one of the significations of this house. This could literally mean the individual is interested in drama or theater, and if not, there could be a dramatic flair in this person’s approach to life and work.

Celebrated movie director Stephen Spielberg has a loaded 5th house containing the Moon, Venus, and Jupiter in Scorpio.

Many of Spielberg’s movies (“Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, “E.T.”, the Indiana Jones series) are suffused with a childlike sense of wonder and amusement. An additional 5th house signification that comes across loud and clear: Spielberg has 7 children.

World champion American alpine ski racer Lindsey Vonn has Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn in the 5th house.

Mars in the 5th house in particular is notable for participation in vigorous, athletic sport at any level. The Martian physicality takes the 5th house playfulness and self-expression to the next level.

Tennis champion superstar Serena Williams has Mars in Leo in the 5th house. Her powerful, dominant athleticism on court has won her 23 grand slam titles.

Take a look at your horoscope to see if there are any planets in the 5th house, and do some reflection to discover how these 5th house planets have energized your life according to the various significations described here. If you have no planets in the 5th house, it doesn’t mean none of these significations are going to manifest! It simply means that your needs in this aspect of life are not remarkably over or under the norm.

There’s actually a bit more to it than just this, and that involves interpreting the nature and position of the 5th house ruler, to discover the manner in which 5th house significations might manifest. I’ll leave this for future posts, where I will get deeper into the house rulers and their network in the horoscope.


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