Living with the Outer Planets

In several recent posts, I have shown the effects of the transits and solar arc (SA) directed hits of the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, on the angles. Transits and SAs of the outer planets to the Sun and Moon can also be equally significant in the life, and I will explore some of these in future posts.

Studying the lives of celebrities and people we know makes us aware of how the outer planets may affect our lives when they arrive at our doorstep, by transits or solar arc directions to our horoscope. With the outer planets there is always a strong agenda to remake our lives in some way. Unlike the other planets whose energies we are more conscious of, and therefore have more control over, the outer planets are harder to deal with because their energies are not consciously integrated in our lives. The reason is that there is little outlet for normal expression of their energies by current social standards. Uranians are seen as too different, Neptunians are seen as too flighty, and Plutonians are seen as too intense. So most people with strong outer planet emphasis either suppress this side of their personalities, or channel it in very narrow constructive activities if they are lucky enough to pull it together.

A great example of channeling an outer planet energy in a constructive manner is the celebrated oceanographer and explorer Jacques Cousteau. In his case, the outer planet in question was Neptune. Imagination, the sea, illusion and magic are among other classic Neptune significations. To this, add film making and photography, both of which are processes that essentially work with illusion and metaphor. Jacques Cousteau lived a near archetypal Neptunian life around these significations, creating a whole new world of deep sea photography and filmmaking. In 1943, Cousteau invented the underwater breathing device called the aqualung. The aqualung made long underwater explorations possible for the first time, and has since been developed into the modern‐day scuba‐diving equipment.

In Cousteau’s case, Neptune’s transits or SAs to important natal placements did not bring loss; in fact, just the opposite. If a person is in touch with Neptune in a healthy and constructive way, then Neptune transits and SA directions can bring success, revelation, and greater awareness. This is true of Uranus and Pluto as well. In the post on Pluto’s transit to the IC and MC, we saw exactly this in Deepak Chopra’s career: he purposefully channeled the life/death/regeneration quality of Pluto (which squares his Mercury-Mars conjunction in the birth chart) in his work, and was rewarded for it handsomely when Pluto transited over his MC.

The best way to prepare for the transits and SA hits of the outer planets to the angles is to be very flexible. The more rigid we are, the harder it is to deal with the consequences of these hits. It is very important to be willing to let go of all pre‐conceived notions of what we think our lives should be like, our material long‐term goals, and even our emotional engagement with those who are closest to us. The best way to prepare for and live through outer planet periods is to take it a day at a time and be open to anything and everything. Then, we have a genuine chance to experience life at its fullest, and raise our consciousness sufficiently that we are remade in a most spiritual way. Then, we can truly connect with all of life, within ourselves and without.


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