Pluto, the last stop in our journey through the planetary space, is a force to reckon with. Belying its small size, it punches well above its weight.

Pluto’s orbital period is 248 years. That would imply roughly 20 years in each sign, but due to its elliptic orbit, there is considerable variation. It is fastest through Scorpio, spending only 11 years in that sign. And slowest in Taurus, where it spends 32 years.

Like Neptune, Pluto stays in the same sign for an entire generation or more. Its sign placement has a negligible influence on the individual personality, but its effect by aspect to the other planets in a horoscope simply cannot be ignored.

Pluto is about intensity, and extremes. Where Pluto is concerned there are no boundaries. No mountain is too high to climb, no wall, too hard to break through. Pluto will go to places where no one dares to go. Breaking taboos are a Plutonian habit.

Mysteries and secrets are Pluto’s domain, because they are about the hidden, and nothing gets Pluto going like the desire to hide, or the need to uncover the hidden.

In the same vein, research and investigation are Plutonian activities–they seek to go underneath the surface, as deeply as needed, to discover what lies there, as in getting to the bottom of it.

Pluto signifies power. People in positions of power who clearly enjoy wielding it, and who are loathe to relinquish it, are strongly Plutonian. But equally so, a strong Plutonian influence could bring you into repeated confrontations with people who exert power over you.

Hence the lesson of Pluto is empowerment–sometimes you need to see power being used by someone close to you to get in touch with your own power.

A person with a strong Pluto is likely to take extreme positions because they see the middle ground as the refuge of the less committed. They will take a stand on everything, it’s them against the world.

One of the most important significations of Pluto is death, and regeneration. Anything that is stale, outmoded, or has outlived its usefulness must die so that a newer form takes its place.

Complete turnabouts in life are Pluto’s doing. It is the planet of annihilation and transformation, tearing down and destroying so a better, healthier, and stronger structure can rise out of the rubble.

Keywords: Intensity, Extreme, Breaking Taboos, Mysteries, Secrets, Desire to hide, Privacy, Uncovering the hidden, Research/Investigation, Power, Powerlessness, Empowerment, Extreme positions, Take no prisonsers, Death, Regeneration, Complete turnabout, Annihilation, Transformation


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