As the other social planet, Saturn is the counterpoint to Jupiter’s excess. It is the planet of of constraint. The famous rhyme “check yourself before you wreck yourself” perfectly captures Saturn’s cautionary outlook.

When we do a reality check, we are talking Saturn. Saturn is what is real, what is for sure. Everything else may well be fantasy and speculation.

The fundamental meaning of Saturn is manifestation or embodiment. When you give form to something, you are using Saturnian energy. Jupiter might have the big vision, but you need Saturn to give it structure and make it happen–whether it is a home you are building, a book you are authoring, software you are developing, or a document you are writing.

Another meaning of Saturn is limitation. Boundaries are Saturnian, as opposed to the Jupiterian lack of boundaries. When you circumscribe an activity, or an idea, or a project, you are drawing a boundary that will ensure that the activity gets done, and gets done on time. You have to stop envisioning and speculating at some point, so you can start making.

Saturn signifies maturity, age, and time. The wisdom of Jupiter is drawn from belief and faith, and is of a spiritual nature. Saturn also imparts wisdom, but Saturn’s wisdom is gained from experience.

Like Jupiter, Saturn is also a teacher, but it’s lessons are drawn from the school of hard knocks. Maturity is acquired through living, and the wisdom of elders comes with age.

Saturn slows down time, so we can pay attention and make sure that whatever we do and learn are enduring, and can stand the test of time.

The constraining energy of Saturn can make itself felt in how we deal with material possessions. Saturn urges us to make do with less, be frugal, and live an uncluttered life. Simplicity and austerity are very much Saturnian traits, which typically go hand in hand with detachment.

Jupiter and Saturn need to work well together for a balanced and fulfilled life. Too much Saturn–limitation, withdrawal, caution–can hinder us from seeking the very things that will make us grow and find joy in life. Self-doubt creeps in, and we feel less confident.

On the other hand, too much Jupiterian expansiveness and excess can result in waste and aimless wandering.

We need to work the Jupiter energy to help lead us in new directions with hope and confidence, and we need Saturn to walk the path in a constructive manner so we may ground purpose in substance.

Keywords: Constraint, Caution, Reality, Manifestation, Embodiment, Structure, Limitation, Boundaries, Maturity, Age, Time, Wisdom from Experience, Hard Knocks, Wise Elder, Slowing Time, Frugality, Simplicity, Detachment


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