The Sun is the presiding luminary, the light that fuels life. The glyph of the Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The circle is the unmanifest spirit, the field of all possibilities. The dot inside the circle is a specific manifestation, a particular creation. This creation is an ongoing process, so that in life, the Sun energy is a continuous unfolding of who we are.

The essential quest of the Sun is the discovery of identity, of figuring out who we are, and becoming who we should be by continually being true to ourselves.

The Sun is also the symbol of authority, vested in authority figures in our life such as the father, teacher, boss, etc. The Sun sign, and the manner in which the Sun’s energy interplays with the energies of the other planets in our horoscope determines how we deal with authority figures, and how we exercise our own authority over others.

Any time you express strong leadership or exert dominance over others, you are getting in touch with your Sun energy. Whether it is through a showy display of power, or a firm, no-nonsense deployment of will, the Sun’s authority is unmistakable, and unquestionable. Expansive authority is vested in leaders, so the Sun represents leaders at any level. Monarchs, presidents, and leaders of powerful and influential institutions are the ultimate expression of the Sun’s energy as the reigning star of the solar system.

To be true to ourselves, to live an authentic life, we need to be aware of and channel the Sun energy in a conscious way. This results in a mature, healthy expression of the ego. Leadership is exercised with care and judgment, and creative energies are applied toward building and living a life that is congruent with your spirit. Otherwise, with an unaware, unconscious wielding of the Sun’s energy, the result is a distortion of the spirit, resulting in a display of grandiosity, entitlement, and a brook-no-opposition imposition of the will that tends toward autocracy and repression.

The Sun’s energy is what you need to feel alive. Whenever you feel lost, and get the sense that your life is meandering, when you feel that you need to get it back on track, you must get in touch with the essence of Sun’s energy expression in its sign.

In later posts on prognostication, we will learn how to apply astrology in a dynamic way to track and understand the unfolding of our life story. And in the process, we will get to understand how the Sun energy can be harnessed in a way that can make our life more complete.

Keywords: Life Giver, Lifelong Unfolding, Identity, Authority, Dominance, Leadership, Will, Authenticity, Ego, Grandiosity, Entitlement, Autocracy, Feeling Alive


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