Planets and Luminaries

In the post on zodiac signs, we explored the characteristics of all the signs. By themselves the signs don’t do anything. They serve as the medium through which the planets carry out their actions. 

The planets are the energy force that impel or compel us, and drive our life in a certain manner, in a particular direction.

Planets are grouped according to the nature in which they make themselves felt in our life. 

The first group includes the luminaries, namely the Sun and the Moon. While these are technically not planets, in astrology we refer to them as such for convenience. 

The second group are the inner planets – Mercury, Venus, and Mars.

The third group are the social planets – Jupiter and Saturn. 

And the last group are the outer planets, namely Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. Yes, Pluto is no longer considered to be a full-fledged planet, but to astrologers planets, like signs, are metaphorical constructs, and the technical demotion of Pluto does nothing to change the metaphorical idea of Pluto and its significance in the human life.


Those of us who share our Sun sign with family members or close friends know that they are not exactly like us. In fact, at times they may appear to be exhibit traits that are foreign to us. And that is completely understandable.

The twelve Sun sign positions cannot possible cover the sheer diversity among humans. Even the mix of sometimes contradictory traits within a single individual is not explainable by the Sun sign alone.

To really get somewhere in our understanding of the diversity in human behavior, we have to expand our reach. We need to examine the influence of the other planets as well, the energies they bring to the complex mix that define a person.

Foremost among these other influences is the Moon. The Sun and Moon are the luminaries. The Sun as the source of light, and the Moon as the reflector and modulator of this light, are the foundations of the personality. Another person born within days, or even hours of your birth time, may share your Sun sign, but your Moon signs may be different. A clear understanding of the blend of the Sun and Moon signs in your horoscope is essential to really know who you are.


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