Relationships and the Luminaries

In this post I want to look at some instances of how the luminaries play a part in determining whether two people are compatible. The two people could be friends, or romantic partners, or business partners. In all of these relationships, they must get along fairly well in order for the relationship to last and be fulfilling.

I am only picking pairs of people for at least one of whom the exact birth time is known with certitude (A and AA rating in Astrodatabank).

I’ll start with Barack and Michelle Obama. Barack Obama’s exact birth time is known (AA rating), but Michele Obama’s is not. So for her, I am going to use a horoscope with an arbitrary 12pm birth time. What this will do is take the angles of the horoscope out of consideration, and make the Moon’s position variable to within 6 degrees plus or minus (since the Moon moves about 12 degrees per day, which is 1 degree per 2 hours).

This first overlay shows the contacts made by Michelle’s Sun to Barack’s planets and angles:

The angles and houses are that for Obama’s horoscope, and his planets are in the inner wheel. The outer wheel has all of Michele’s planets. The ‘M’ and ‘A’ in the outer wheel are for Michelle’s Midheaven and ascendant, but we will ignore them since they are not accurate.

There are numerous contacts between the Sun in Michelle’s chart and various entities in Baracks’ chart: a conjunction to Jupiter and Saturn (which are conjunct in Barack’s chart), an opposition to Mercury, a trine to Mars, and a sextile to the MC. The simplest way to characterize these aspects is to ignore the actual type of aspect and just consider that a contact is being made. Then see that Michelle’s identity and purpose (Sun) are tied to Barack’s mind and communication (Mercury), his drive to get things done (Mars), his faith and belief (Jupiter), his ambition (Saturn), and his aspiration for social status and reputation (MC).

The Jupiter-Saturn opposition to Mercury in Barack’s chart is of importance to him, given his cerebral (Mercury) nature. Also Mercury is square dreamy, visionary Neptune in Barack’s natal chart, and is a major driver of his life (“Dreams of my Father”, “The Audacity of Hope”). Michelle’s Sun connecting with this complex means that she is fully engaged with all of these qualities in him.

Conversely, since we can rely on Obama’s Moon position to be accurate, we can consider the aspects made by his Sun and Moon to Michelle’s planets, except her Moon and angles since her birth time is not known:

Barack’s Sun makes two aspects to Michelle’s planets: a trine to her Jupiter, and a square to her Neptune. His Moon makes two aspects as well: a square to her Venus, and a trine to her Mars. Pay special attention to the Moon-Venus contact. This contact spells sheer good feeling toward one another, and is key to working through rough patches in the relationship. Jupiter and Neptune figure in both inter-contacts; in Barack’s case his Neptune was pulled in through its square to Mercury which was opposite Jupiter. Together, Jupiter and Neptune endow the relationship with much positivity, faith, and a vision of what they want to be as a couple. The Obamas have been married since 1992.

This next example is of another long-married couple (since 1988), Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson. Tom’s birth time as well Rita’s birth time are exact (AA rating), so we can look at the aspects of the Sun and Moon from each side, to all planets as well as angles of the other.

First, here are the aspects of Rita’s Sun and Moon to Tom’s planets and angles:

The first thing to notice is that Rita’s Sun and Moon are both connected to Tom’s Moon. This is big! Essentially Rita is exactly what Tom needs, in spirit and soul. Rita’s Sun also connects with Tom’s Jupiter, Uranus, and Mercury. With the Obamas, we saw how Michelle’s Sun was in contact with Barack’s Jupiter and Mercury, so that theme gets repeated here. So likewise,Rita’s identity and purpose (Sun) are tied to Barack’s mind and communication (Mercury), and his faith and belief (Jupiter). More broadly, the Sun-Jupiter contact brings warmth and good cheer to all aspects of the relationship.

Rita’s Moon also connects with Tom’s Uranus, but this is not surprising since Tom’s Moon is conjunct Uranus and Rita’s Moon connects to Tom’s Moon. So here I would just focus on the contact to Tom’s Moon, with whatever Uranian impulses it carries–wherever the Moon goes, so does Uranus.

A couple of things to note: Rita’s Sun in Scorpio can be seen to be within 6 degrees of Tom’s Neptune in Libra. Technically this is a conjunction, but because it is an “out-of-sign” aspect (the Sun and Neptune are in different signs), I am going to ignore it. This does not mean all out-of-sign aspects are powerless, it’s just that these aspects don’t merit the same consideration as the others, and I want to keep things simple since there already so many other contacts. Likewise, Rita’s Sun is sextile Tom’s Pluto, but I am ignoring it, since an actual congruent-element sextile would have Pluto be in Virgo (like Jupiter).

Switching over, here are Tom’s Sun and Moon connecting to Rita’s planets and angles. For consistency in imagery, I have maintained the same inner-Tom outer-Rita chat overlay:

Tom’s Sun is square Rita’s Mercury, and trine her Mars. His Moon is trine her Ascendant. (We already saw that his Moon is conjunct Rita’s Moon.) Tom’s Moon trine to Rita’s ascendant suggests that they get along really well one-on-one, which is a great thing for the relationship because they are entirely comfortable around each other. According to Tom, “”Every now and again you know, you gotta get over some stuff but life is one damn thing after another and it’s actually more pleasant to be able to go home with someone you like to spend time with in order to get with it.”

Mercury figures again: needless to say, what one thinks of the other, and how a couple communicate is critical to the relationship. Each person’s Mercury connects with the other person’s Sun, so there is a singular conscious drive to keep the lines of communication open, plus they are equally ok in the other person speaking for them.

No matter the kind of relationship between two adults, the connections of the Sun and Moon from each person to the other’s planets and angles is central to the quality and duration of the relationship. The connection becomes extra significant if the Sun or Moon of one person taps into a significant horoscope complex of the other, as in the case of Michelle Obama’s Sun connecting with the Jupiter-Saturn-Mercury-Neptune complex in Barack’s chart. We’ll study more examples in future posts.


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