Career Breakthroughs – Solar Arc Uranus Hits to MC and Ascendant

I want to do a couple of examples of using solar arcs to forecast events. In the referenced post on solar arcs, I had taken Jodie Foster’s chart as an example to illustrate how solar arcs are computed. Let’s return to it, here’s the natal chart for Foster:

Foster has a strong natal Uranus because it is closely conjunct her Moon. Her career has followed a definite Uranian arc: her roles have often been urgent and hair-raising. You can feel the electricity of the Uranian energy coursing strongly in movies like The Silence of the Lambs, Panic Room, Flight Plan, and the early Accused. Every one of these movies thrums with an unrelenting, unsettling pulse. Many of these movies have a Plutonian feel to them as well (dark, dangerous, dealing with manipulation/exploitation), which is not at all surprising given that Pluto is also strongly positioned in her natal chart, being right next to Uranus, and therefore also close to the Moon.

In The Silence of the Lambs Jodie Foster played perhaps her most memorable role, an FBI agent out to catch a serial killer with the help of a psychopath who is a sometimes cannibal on the side. The Silence of the Lambs was released on Feb 14, 1991 in the USA. Here’s Foster’s SA directed chart for this day, overlaid on her natal chart:

Right away, we see SA Uranus at the top of the chart (at 03 Lib 42) hugging the MC. If you had looked at this standout picture ahead of time, you would have expected a Uranian impact (unusual, perhaps disruptive, and perhaps shocking) on her career, and through it, on her public status or image. This is exactly what happened with this role. The role accorded Foster standout status and visibility (MC) via the Uranian dimension. She won a best actress Oscar for her performance.

Like Jodie Foster, Madonna built her entire career around being bold and unorthodox. She thumbed her nose at the prevailing tradition, daring to be herself no matter what, brewing together a heady mix of sex, religion, and brash forwardness. Her concerts were famous for their shock value (for that time), and drew sellout crowds. Starting as a relatively unknown singer, she hit the big time when her album Like a Virgin was released in November 1984. Using a date of November 15, 1984 for the release, here is the SA directed chart overlaid on her natal chart:

Look at that flashy SA Uranus right over her ascendant! In hindsight, years after the release of the album, you might think that the SA Uranus should really have been on her MC. But analyzing on hindsight clouds the judgment and is often misleading. What you really want to do is to place yourself at a time, say, six months before the release of this album. Then, seeing the SA Uranus closing in on the ascendant you would predict a Uranian (unusual/disruptive/shocking) impact on personality – it was a time of coming out in a ‘this is me, so deal with it’ manner.

Here she was, young and impressionable, bursting with ambition, hoping to achieve something big. She saw herself putting her body, her personality, and her unique brand of appeal squarely behind this artistic creation – those were the breakthrough days of music video! The ascendant involvement rings very true. Her vocal capabilities are average. It is her irrepressible, hard‐to‐ignore personality that has brought her success and fame. Even if she had not succeeded, Like A Virgin was a personal breakthrough: she had left her small‐country background behind, and had shown the world who she really was.

The common factor in both analyses is Uranus, which makes sense when you see that Uranus is strong in both natal charts. In Foster’s case, Uranus is very closely conjunct the Moon, and in Madonna’s case, Uranus is conjunct the Sun. The aspect of an outer planet (Uranus, Neptune, Pluto) to the Sun or Moon will exert a tremendous influence on the personality, and when momentous events occur in life, you are sure to see these aspecting planets figure prominently in the action.


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