Aries is the cardinal fire sign. The symbol for Aries is the ram, and its horoscope glyph is the horns of a ram.

Aries wants to be at the forefront of things. It is bold and headstrong, and will jump into into action without regard to consequence. The saying “look before you leap” is generally ignored by Aries.

Aries takes risks and is up for any new venture. Pioneers and adventurers are likely to have a strong Aries emphasis in their horoscope, for Aries is the chief trail blazer of the zodiac. The Aries person is often the first to volunteer for any kind of endeavor that seems different or exciting. Aries doesn’t scare easily. They are geared to be in touch with their courage and express it constantly in order to feel that all is right in their life. 

Aries takes the lead in initiating direct action, and will go solo if need be to affect changes in its environment. The directness and lack of pretense of Aries can either come across as refreshing, or as being totally in your face, depending on perspective. Add to this the gift of abundant energy, and a full-on Aries can be quite the battering ram.

Aries people just love to be challenged. Without something to pit themselves against they feel lost. So they are always setting goals that would require effort and energy to achieve. In the spirit of challenge and the innate tendency for boldness, nothing gets an Aries going like a dare – they are ever ready to take one up.

Aries is very much a gung-ho give-it-all energy. They are highly competitive. The default setting of Aries people is to put themselves out there, ready to take on the world, one fight at a time. 

The lack of fear, the desire to challenge and be challenged, and the overwhelming urge to get out there and take on the world results in a pugnacious attitude that might at times veer toward picking fights just for the sake of it. This is likely to happen especially when an Aries is lacking for challenges. It’s like a use it or lose it situation, and it’s a way for Aries to test itself against an opposing force. 

A constructive way to channel this type of energy is in professional fighting, or martial arts, or in a non-physical mode such as arguing or debating choices and decisions with others. And you will often find Aries engaging in exactly these kinds of pursuits.

It’s hard to put a good Aries down for too long, and if it ever comes to a down and out battle, there’s nothing like having an Aries on your side.

Keywords for Aries:
First, Bold, Headstrong, Independent, Leader, Brash, Direct, Daring, Challenge Lover, Risk Taker, Entrepreneurial, Pioneer, Competitive, Courageous, Pugnacious, Fighter

Find out if any of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in your horoscope are in Aries. If the Sun or Moon are in Aries, understand which of the Aries qualities described in this post most resonate with you–the Sun and Moon color the entire personality. If Mercury, Venus, or Mars are in Aries, then you need to understand how certain Aries qualities might find expression in the way you communicate (Mercury), relate (Venus), or assert yourself (Mars). The post on Fire Signs spells out more specifics for Mercury, Venus, and Mars expressions in the fire signs.

Following are the personality sketches of a few public figures who have the Sun in Aries. See how Aries qualities permeate their lives.

Russel Crowe. Movie Actor.
Won Academy Award for Best Actor. Roles played include boxer, renegade outlaw, soldier, naval officer. Involved in several highly publicized altercations, reputation for bad temper. Involved in a scuffle, and at a different time, involved in a brawl with a businessman. Arrested and charged with second-degree assault after he threw a telephone at a hotel concierge.

Danica Patrick. Professional racing driver, entrepreneur, media figure.
First woman to win a top-level sanctioned open wheel car racing event. Set record for highest-placed finish for a woman in Indy 500 history. First woman to win a Cup Series pole position in the Daytona 500. First woman to host the ESPY awards. Owns her own wine brand, and her own athleisure collection.

Nancy Pelosi. U.S. Politician, Speaker of the House.
Powerful politician, party leader. Feisty and tough, not afraid to take on anyone in a fight for power and influence. Relishes challenges, and is fearless in publicly dishing it out when wronged. Very much an in-your-face kind of personality. “Don’t underestimate your opponent, but don’t overestimate them, either.”


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