Gemini is the mutable air sign. The symbol for Gemini is the twins, and its horoscope glyph shows two vertical bars that represent the duality of the twins, as well as the roman numeral two.

The quality of duality is characteristic of Gemini, an indication of its versatility. It also speaks to the mutability of the sign, and because Gemini is an air sign, this mutability or versatility works in the realm of ideas, thoughts, and communication.

Geminis like to work on multiple things at once, and love to flit from idea to idea. They are the true data hounds of the zodiac. They are interested in lots of things, and their immense curiosity enables them to delve into a multitude of topics. In short, they love to know stuff.

And they love to communicate their thoughts – nothing delights a Gemini more than sharing their trove of information with others. Many of them are sparkling conversationalists. Their facility with words and ideas makes them witty, always ready with the deft turn of phrase  that gets the point across with a light touch.

Due to the Gemini symbol of the twins, astrologers call it the double-bodied sign. Often enough, this could literally mean that a Gemini has a twin sibling. If not, it could mean that the Gemini has such a close relationship to a sibling or dear family member that they may as well be twins. Another manifestation of the double-bodied quality is in the career, either as a side gig on top of their regular job, or periodic serial changes in career. 

With their skill at language and communication, and a passion to gather and spread ideas, many Geminis are drawn to careers in the media. They are deft at handling all forms of information dissemination, and are quick to channel and get their thoughts across. Geminis are also drawn to careers in sales, marketing, and brokering, where they can use their quick thinking and communicative abilities to sell, persuade, or help make connections between seller and buyer.

Gemini is considered to be a youthful sign. This could show up as a tendency to be young at heart no matter the actual age – many Geminis are known to enjoy playing games and pranks well  into adulthood. Deep down, they just never to want to grow up.

Keywords for Gemini: Versatile, Ideas, Thoughts, Communication, Multitasker, Data Hound, Curiosity, Information Seeker, Conversationalist, Media, Witty, Youthful

Find out if any of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in your horoscope are in Gemini. If the Sun or Moon are in Gemini, understand which of the Gemini qualities described in this post most resonate with you–the Sun and Moon color the entire personality. If Mercury, Venus, or Mars are in Gemini, then you need to understand how certain Gemini qualities might find expression in the way you communicate (Mercury), relate (Venus), or assert yourself (Mars). The post on Air Signs spells out more specifics for Mercury, Venus, and Mars expressions in the air signs.

Following are the personality sketches of a few public figures who have the Sun in Gemini. See how Gemini qualities permeate their lives.

Scott Adams. Cartoonist.
Creator of famous comic strip “Dilbert”, author of several best selling books, certified hypnotist, former member of Mensa. Prior to becoming a cartoonist, held jobs as computer programmer, budget analyst, commercial lender, product manager.

Alanis Morissette. Singer, songwriter.
Lyricist with a gift for words. Also acted on TV, movies, theater. Monthly podcast features conversations with different individuals on a wide range of topics from psychology to art to spirituality to design to health to relationships. Also writes an advice column.

Anderson Cooper. TV personality.
Runs CNN show “AC 360”. Journalist, TV News show anchor, talk show host, Broadway narrator, freelance writer, reality game show host


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