Leo is the fixed fire sign. Its symbol is the lion, and its horoscope glyph is the lion’s mane and spine.

Like the other fire signs, Leo is animated by the life spirit. It loves life, and wants to revel in it. Which makes it playful and warm, with a radiant energy that brings good cheer wherever it goes.

It is the sign of leadership. Like a king or queen, Leo is inclined to lord it over others. But Leo has a big heart, and will protect and provide for those under its care with its great generosity of spirit. In turn, it needs acknowledgment and admiration for its benevolence. It needs to be the shining star of its environment, and nothing makes it feel worse than being ignored or slighted. Leos have a tremendous amount of self-respect and self-worth. If there’s one thing a Leo will not stand, it’s humiliation or mistreatment.

Leo’s have a great sense of humor, and are quick to laugh. But, and this is a big but, beware of making jokes at a Leo’s expense. It may not godown too well. Leos have a deep sense of pride, which makes them very sensitive to personal slights, even if it is leg-pulling intended to in good humor. 

Leos love drama and flair. They can be quite the show offs, and are adept at getting and keeping attention. This can often translate into a profession that allows them to perform to an audience, such as acting in movies or theater, or teaching, or fronting a music band. 

They have a strong need for visibility, and are not the kind who will sit and work behind a desk for too long. However, being a fixed sign, Leo is a good bit more tenacious than the other fire signs, and is quite capable of staying with the program and seeing things through. The need for visibility combined with the love of flair makes for flashiness – Leos are drawn to bling and glitz, and won’t be caught dead in unremarkable wear in social settings. When it comes to accessorizing, more is more. Bring on the bling!

Befitting the Lion symbolism, Leos are territorial and will aggressively fend off would be intruders. This is true for Leos of either sex. Leos prize loyalty above all–they are unfailingly loyal to their closest, and they expect it to be returned without qualification.

Keywords for Leo: Expressive, Warm, Playful, Leader, Proud, Ego-centric, Generous, Radiant, Kingly, Noble, Big Hearted, Seeks Admiration, Self-Respecting, Self-Centered, Territorial, Loyal, Protective, Dramatic, Flamboyant

Find out if any of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in your horoscope are in Leo. If the Sun or Moon are in Leo, understand which of the Leo qualities described in this post most resonate with you–the Sun and Moon color the entire personality. If Mercury, Venus, or Mars are in Leo, then you need to understand how certain Leo qualities might find expression in the way you communicate (Mercury), relate (Venus), or assert yourself (Mars). The post on Fire Signs spells out more specifics for Mercury, Venus, and Mars expressions in the fire signs.

Following are the personality sketches of a few public figures who have the Sun in Leo. Observe how Leo qualities permeate their lives.

Madonna. Singer, performer.
Pop singer who dominated the 80s music scene. Irreverent, flamboyant, glamorous, renowned for provocative imagery, celebrated as ” queen of video.” Concerts are famous for being extravagant show pieces.

Martha Stewart. Entrepreneur.
Retail businesswoman, TV personality, former model. Published eponymous magazine, hosted eponymous TV program, created TV series named for her, which was based on her eponymous book, ran eponymous company. A whole lot of “me, me, me”!

Roger Federer. Tennis champion.
Tennis great, often referred to as “King Federer”. Royal bearing, dominating presence on court. Celebrated for his showy flair and elegance, always a treat to watch.


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