Libra is the cardinal air sign. The symbol for Libra is the scales of justice, and its horoscope glyph is a stylized version of the traditional weighing scale. Libra is the only zodiac sign that has an inanimate symbol.

The scales represent balance, which is the most essential trait of Librans. They seek even handedness in all things. When a situation tends to get one sided, you want to call in a Libran to restore the balance. Hence their renown for being mediators. Balance is also about harmony, and keeping the peace. So, as mediators, Librans strive to keep all sides happy, or at the very least, not have any one side be a lot unhappier than the others.

Being an air sign, Libra is extremely skillful at communicating with others in the smoothest possible way, without ever coming across as gauche or crude. Libra hates crassness, and is perhaps the most suave sign of the zodiac. Giving the innate talent for mediation and graceful communication, Librans are great diplomats, whether by profession or in their social circle.

Speaking of even handedness, Librans tend to be even-tempered, hardly ever raising their voice in anger. They are usually very popular in their social circle. This is because they are able to acknowledge everyone’s point of view without judgment, and deal with differences with enormous tact.

Librans are drawn to social mores, careful to follow protocol and keen to ensure harmony and fairness. This makes them often dislike confrontation – they would rather get others to agree on a point of view with persuasion rather than force.

For Libra, partnership is very important, for they love the idea of bonding. In this sense they are romantics who want everyone in the world to be attached to a partner. In broader terms, the need to relate finds its way into partnerships, whether through friendships, business associations, or just close collegiality. Librans are particularly drawn to collaborate with others toward common goals, and are therefore great team players.

Keywords for Libra: Balance, Harmony, Even-Handed, Fence Sitter, Relating, Diplomacy, Tact, Sauveness, Protocol Observer, Popular, Partnership, Persuasive, Non-confrontational, Collaborator, Peace Maker

Find out if any of the Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, or Mars in your horoscope are in Libra. If the Sun or Moon are in Libra, understand which of the Libra qualities described in this post most resonate with you–the Sun and Moon color the entire personality. If Mercury, Venus, or Mars are in Libra, then you need to understand how certain Libra qualities might find expression in the way you communicate (Mercury), relate (Venus), or assert yourself (Mars). The post on Air Signs spells out more specifics for Mercury, Venus, and Mars expressions in the air signs.

Following are the personality sketches of a few public figures who have the Sun in Libra. Observe how Libra qualities permeate their lives.

Jimmy Carter. Former US President.
Led a very active public life post-politics. Established center to expand human rights. Traveled extensively to conduct peace negotiations, monitor elections for fairness. Personally intervened in a diplomatic capacity to resolve international conflicts, and release political prisoners. Participated in The Elders, a group of independent global leaders who work together on peace and human rights issues.

Lindsey Vonn. Former World Cup Alpine Ski Racer on US Ski Team.
She married ex-US Ski Team athlete Thomas Vonn in 2007, and after 4 years announced they would divorce. She met golfer Tiger Woods in 2012, and they started dating in March 2013 before splitting in May 2015. In late 2016, she began dating NFL assistant coach Kenan Smith, then split in November 2017. In June 2018, she began dating NHL player P.K. Subban. In August 2019, Vonn and Subban announced their engagement. In July 2020, she asked her followers on Twitter on for their opinions regarding interracial relationships. In December 2020, they both announced their breakup.

Desmond Tutu. South African Cleric and Theologian, and Nobel Prize Winner.
Renowned for his work as an anti-apartheid and human rights activist. He sought to fuse ideas from black theology with African theology. When he held the most senior position in southern Africa’s Anglican hierarchy, he emphasized a consensus-building model of leadership. In negotiations to end apartheid, he assisted as a mediator between rival black factions. Known to be offended by discourteous behavior and careless language.


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