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You are here because you want to learn astrology. On this blog, there is a large and growing number of posts on many topics in astrology, aimed at different levels of learning requiring varying amounts of background information. Where exactly to start your learning, and how to acquire a cohesive and meaningful repertoire of knowledge? This special post will show you how.


There are two essential tools you need to analyze horoscopes. One is the ephemeris, and the other is a horoscope charting program. This post tells you how and where to get them.

10 Feb 2022

In this post I want to look at some instances of how the luminaries play a part in determining whether two people are compatible. The two people could be friends, or romantic partners, or business partners. In all of these relationships, they must get along fairly well in order for the relationship to last and […]

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19 Mar 2021

The Sun and Moon are the life-giving and life-sustaining luminaries, and their sign positions are the most important factors in a horoscope. The blending of their signs results in a very particular and distinct expression, that sets an individual on a different path than someone else with a different Sun-Moon blend. For instance, Aquarius believes […]

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17 Mar 2021

Just as there many shades shades of a color, so will people with the same Sun sign differ in the way the Sun’s energy finds expression, via the the Moon sign. For instance, a Leo Sun will show itself differently with the Moon in Cancer, than with the Moon in Gemini. There is an additional […]

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12 Mar 2021

We can’t look directly at the Sun, because it’s light would blind us. We can feel its warmth, and its life giving energy, but the light itself can be only be seen via its reflection by the Moon. So the Moon becomes the reflecting luminary, the translator of the Sun’s energy. And in the life, […]

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10 Mar 2021

The Sun is the presiding luminary, the light that fuels life. The glyph of the Sun is a circle with a dot in the center. The circle is the unmanifest spirit, the field of all possibilities. The dot inside the circle is a specific manifestation, a particular creation. This creation is an ongoing process, so […]

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9 Mar 2021

In the post on zodiac signs, we explored the characteristics of all the signs. By themselves the signs don’t do anything. They serve as the medium through which the planets carry out their actions.  The planets are the energy force that impel or compel us, and drive our life in a certain manner, in a particular direction. Planets are […]

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