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You are here because you want to learn astrology. On this blog, there is a large and growing number of posts on many topics in astrology, aimed at different levels of learning requiring varying amounts of background information. Where exactly to start your learning, and how to acquire a cohesive and meaningful repertoire of knowledge? This special post will show you how.


There are two essential tools you need to analyze horoscopes. One is the ephemeris, and the other is a horoscope charting program. This post tells you how and where to get them.

15 Nov 2021

The transits of the luminaries and inner planets through the houses are barely memorable afterward. Even if you are paying attention as they are happening, there isn’t anything that will register as a strong blip. This doesn’t mean nothing actually coincides with their transits, it’s just that their effect are taken in stride as the […]

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26 Oct 2021

Every single heavenly body is constantly on the move (relative to the earth), so in a sense transits are happening all the time. Sort of like trains running continuously in your metro area, round and round the same routes. But for the most part, a train going by on the tracks a mile away does […]

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11 May 2021

Pluto, the last stop in our journey through the planetary space, is a force to reckon with. Belying its small size, it punches well above its weight. Pluto’s orbital period is 248 years. That would imply roughly 20 years in each sign, but due to its elliptic orbit, there is considerable variation. It is fastest […]

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6 May 2021

Neptune take a very long time to circle around the Sun, a good 165 years. This is double that of Uranus which spends about 7 years in a sign, but Neptune sticks around for about 14 years in each sign. This makes it truly generational. As with Uranus, Neptune’s influence on an individual horoscope is […]

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3 May 2021

Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are the outer planets. Although Pluto has been recently relegated to the status of a dwarf planet, as far as astrology is concerned nothing has changed. We work with the metaphorical symbolism of the luminaries and planets, and draw a synchronistic connection between these symbols and our lives. Pluto is still […]

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23 Mar 2021

The Sun and Moon energies are the foundation of the personality, and they inform all aspects of life. Modulated by the characteristics of the sign in which they are placed, they influence everything we do. Whether at work, or at home, whether alone or in relationships, they are constantly guiding and shaping us. Being fundamental […]

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