Child Birth – Pluto Transit to IC

The transits of Saturn and the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto to the angles–Ascendant/Descendant, MC/IC–mark turning points in the life. The actual angle that may be impacted during the life-changing event or circumstance may be different from the one you expect. But if you dig deeper you will find that the significance of the event does indeed correspond to the meaning of the angle. In a previous post, we discovered exactly this for a home move, when transiting Saturn was on the ascendant, not the IC (4th house cusp).

Here’s an illustration of the birth of a child. This woman was born in late March of 1970, and gave birth to her first child in July 1991, just after she had turned 21. The following is the event chart for the birth:

Notice transiting Pluto right around the IC. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say this was a deeply transformative event for her. She was only 21!

The position of transiting Pluto is just shy of the IC. It doesn’t have to be exact! With Pluto, we should allow the a lot of leeway in orb since it is the slowest moving of all the planets, and its impact can’t be narrowed down to be a day or even a month. Typically its most concentrated impact will be felt within the span of a few months. In the case of a child birth, such a period could extend from the 2-3 months before delivery to a year after. Here’s the monthly ephemeris for 1991 (the monthly ephemeris shows the positions of planets Mars through Pluto, plus North Node, on the 1st day of the month at midnight of UT):

Pluto is at 19 degrees of Scorpio at the start of the year. (If you look at the ephemeris for the previous year, you would see that it was at 18 degrees in December, which is when it made exact contact with the IC.) In February and March, it moves up to 20 degrees of Scorpio, and then goes retrograde. Just prior to childbirth, in June, it hits the IC again, then continues going backward for a couple of months, before turning around and hitting the IC again in October.

With Pluto on or hovering very close to the IC, the entire year of 1991 was transformative (Pluto) for her. Everything changed in the home, drastically. This is the 4th house impact. Such a major change for a woman is typical at the birth of her first child. By the time other children come around, it’s more of the same, a “been there, done that” feel that will not necessarily have anywhere the same impact.

Here’s the event chart for the birth of this woman’s second child in December of 1964, where you can see the absence of any major transit to the angles:

Transiting Pluto, Neptune, Uranus, and Saturn are nowhere near any of the angles. (Pluto, of course, had moved into her 4th house since the birth of her first child, advancing well past the IC.) Uranus and Neptune are both in the 5th house. Saturn, at 6 degrees of Pisces is well into. the 7th house. So by the time she had her second child, this woman was a practiced mother, so it was likely a pure, joyous experience with little or no inner turmoil.

Children are a 5th house signification. In a relatively minor way, this 5th house plays a part here. See the Jupiter, ruler of the 5th house (Sagittarius on the cusp), in the natal 3rd house at 03 Scorpio 57? On the day her child was born, transiting Venus was almost exactly on this Jupiter, down to within a minute of orb. Venus is pleasure and delight, and its transit to Jupiter indicated the child birth would have been very likely a joyous experience for the woman.


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