Moving Out – Saturn Transit to Ascendant

If you are looking for an event or circumstance to reshape your life, look no further than the transit of Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, or Pluto to an angle: Ascendant/Descendant, or MC/IC.

Here’s the transit chart for a woman born in September 1957, for the time period when she struck out independently and moved into her own, new home. This happened in June 1979. I have arbitrarily set the date to June 15. The exact date is not crucial, since a move typically develops over a period of several weeks.

See how transiting Saturn is at 08 Virgo 13, just past the natal ascendant. A quick look at the monthly ephemeris for 1979 shows that Saturn is around 7-8-9 degrees of of Virgo in the April to July period (the monthly ephemeris shows the positions of planets Mars through Pluto, plus North Node, on the 1st day of the month at midnight of UT):

You can see that Saturn is never exactly conjunct the ascendant (6 Vir 38) in all of 1979. It could be that the urge to move began to form a year earlier when Saturn was exactly on the ascendant. The urge then gathered steam over the next few months, leading to actually finding a home and doing all the contractual stuff, and then finally moving in. Or, it could be that the time of birth is actually a little later than the one used, so that the ascendant is in 7 Virgo xx instead, making the Saturn hit exact in the two or three months around June 1979. In which case the whole thing happened very fast-urge, to purchase, to move.

Ok, this is good and fine, but where is the 4th house in all this? When we think of a home move, we typically think of the 4th house. While that generally may be true, we have to find out the actual reason for the move to understand why the 1st house (ascendant leads into the 1st house) is implicated. The reason this woman moved was not because she relocated for a job and was forced to move. It was not because she found a great home by serendipity and figured she shouldn’t miss out. It was not because she was planning on starting a family and needed a bigger place.

She moved because she very much wanted to be her own person. Her sense of individuality suddenly came to the fore, and she desired autonomy, a home of her own where she could come and go as she pleased. This is all 1st house stuff, and Saturn is the agent of manifestation. This case study is a caveat against knee-jerk automatic connections such as home move = 4th house. In interpretation, you always need to start with the why. And you need to keep in mind that if an event is of long-term significance, any of the angles might be involved, depending on the real reason for the event.

The move was a turning point in the life of this woman. It turned out to be a launching pad for major life development starting with graduate study, which led to the establishment of a successful career as a professional psychologist.


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