My journey in astrology began when I was in grad school. Although I am a computer scientist by training, and I am professor in Computer Science, astrology has been a long time passion. I have been learning, doing consulting work, and teaching astrology for many years. I have deep experience in both Western tropical astrology and Vedic (Indian) astrology.

As I did more and more work in astrology, I felt the need to build my own astrological software so I could have it do exactly what I wanted both for practice and for research. So I developed Lifespan, a full-fledged astrology application that can be used for both Western and Vedic astrology. I use Lifespan to illustrate concepts and interpretive techniques in all my writing on this site.

I hope to inform and educate everyone who is interested in astrology, at any level – whether you are student, a hobbyist, or an aspiring practitioner of astrology. There’s a lot of junk out there that parades as astrology, and one of my objectives is to show what real astrology is like, and how you can use it to direct your life in fulfilling ways.

Feel free to reach me any time at – I am always happy to hear from my readers!

— Sesh Venugopal