Inner Planets

The Sun and Moon energies are the foundation of the personality, and they inform all aspects of life. Modulated by the characteristics of the sign in which they are placed, they influence everything we do.

Whether at work, or at home, whether alone or in relationships, they are constantly guiding and shaping us. Being fundamental to life, the blend of Sun and Moon energies can find expression in all personal and professional pursuits.

With the Sun-Moon energy blend serving as the broad base for all of our life, the narrowing down or particularization into the actual career, family and home structure happens when the other planets are brought into the picture.

To start with, we need to bring in the inner planets: Mercury, Venus, and Mars. They are called the inner planets because their orbits around the Sun are inside that of the earth. Also, they are a lot closer to the earth than the other planets. Symbolically, this implies a much greater awareness of how we express their energies. We can consciously channel the inner planet energies toward creating a life structure that is congruent with the needs, skills and talents they embody, through the sign in which they are placed.

Of course, the inner planet energies can only find expression within the overarching way of life that is determined by the Sun and Moon energies. For instance, the Sun in Gemini would only find meaning in pursuits that encourage curiosity and variety. And the Moon in Cancer needs daily sustenance in the form of private home and family time.

The inner planets need to function within this necessary way of life in building a professional and social structure that is sustainable and fulfilling.