Neptune take a very long time to circle around the Sun, a good 165 years. This is double that of Uranus which spends about 7 years in a sign, but Neptune sticks around for about 14 years in each sign. This makes it truly generational.

As with Uranus, Neptune’s influence on an individual horoscope is felt in its aspects to the other planets – its sign placement is not relevant.

One way to understand the Neptunian energy is to study its contrast to Saturn. While Saturn is form and structure, Neptune is formlessness and lack of structure. It is like the ocean, fluidly shifting shape.

Fog is a Neptunian formation, because it obscures structure.

Blindness–whether literal, or being blind to something or someone–is Neptunian, again because it obscures reality, and reality is very much a Saturn thing.

Neptune signifies illusion, because illusion presents an alternative to reality. So the contrast, disillusionment, is Saturnian.

Painkillers, drugs, and alcohol are all Neptunian because they are ways to diffuse or suppress reality by transporting us to another, more bearable illusory world.

Lies and deception are in Neptune’s domain, because they serve to obscure the reality or what is known to be true. Related to this are veils (obscures the face), and disguises (deception, something is other than it seems).

Imagination is signified by Neptune. When we imagine, we move out of the real world into the world of fantasy and possibilities. Visionaries, especially those espousing spirituality and alternative lifestyles, are Neptunian. Related to this are dreams and visions. “Creative visualization” is a strongly Neptunian activity.

Any form of media or communication that stokes the imagination and transports us to a different world is Neptunian-radio, TV, movies, music, photographs are all the artifacts of Neptune.

Neptune speaks in metaphors and symbols, leaving much to the imagination. Poetry and lyricism are Neptunian.

Neptune and Saturn working together can be a great marriage of imagination and form.

And when Saturn gets you down or roughs you up some, a little dose of Neptunian escapism may be just the thing you need to feel good again.

Keywords: Formlessness, Lack of structure, Fluid, Shape-shifting, Blindness, Unreal, Illusion, Dreams, Visions, Painkillers, Drugs, Alcohol, Lies, Deception, Imagination, Fantasy, Spiritul Vision, Movies/Music/Pictures, Metaphorical, Symbolic, Poetry/Lyrics, Perfectionism