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You are here because you want to learn astrology. On this blog, there is a large and growing number of posts on many topics in astrology, aimed at different levels of learning requiring varying amounts of background information. Where exactly to start your learning, and how to acquire a cohesive and meaningful repertoire of knowledge? This special post will show you how.


There are two essential tools you need to analyze horoscopes. One is the ephemeris, and the other is a horoscope charting program. This post tells you how and where to get them.

30 Jul 2021

The conjunction of the Sun and Moon with the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto are extremely significant in transforming the arc of life into something quite extraordinary. The Sun and Moon are the foundations of life, and the outer planet energies are beyond the norm (their orbits are outside of Saturn’s, which is generally […]

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27 Jul 2021

The root meaning of the third house is immediate environment. The most immediate environment is the home, in the specific sense of what the home environment is like as a whole, not the individuals of the family. What kind of energy is generally felt in the home, how do you react to it, is it […]

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23 Jul 2021

Conjunctions made by the Sun and Moon with any of the other planets merit very close scrutiny because of the utmost importance of the luminaries in shaping the life. The energies of the outer planets can dominate the life when in contact with the Sun or the Moon. In fact, not only conjunctions, but any […]

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19 Jul 2021

The second house of the horoscope has self-worth as its root meaning. Having self-worth as the root meaning of the second house makes it such an important area of analysis and interpretation – who among us has not struggled with issues of self-worth? The amplification of this psychological dynamic brings home the point: the drive […]

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13 Jul 2021

Jupiter and Saturn are the intermediate planets that serve as a bridge between the inner planets Mercury, Venus, and Mars, and the outer planets Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto. The inner planets are personal, and have a key role to play in every day of the person’s life. Jupiter and Saturn, by contrast, are social planets. […]

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7 Jul 2021

The first house is led off by the ascendant at the cusp. Because the ascendant is of such great importance in the projection of the personality, the first house is one of the very first things that an astrologer will consider when interpreting a chart. The root keyword for the first house is self. We […]

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