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You are here because you want to learn astrology. On this blog, there is a large and growing number of posts on many topics in astrology, aimed at different levels of learning requiring varying amounts of background information. Where exactly to start your learning, and how to acquire a cohesive and meaningful repertoire of knowledge? This special post will show you how.


There are two essential tools you need to analyze horoscopes. One is the ephemeris, and the other is a horoscope charting program. This post tells you how and where to get them.

28 May 2021

I know a woman who is probably the most self-centered, insensitive, and demanding person I have ever encountered. It’s always about her, 24X7, and she treats everyone around like her like her servants, expecting them to be constantly at her beck and call. We probably all know people like this, whose entire world revolves around […]

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26 May 2021

In a book I am currently reading, the author recounts an infamous incident involving a former US college (NCAA) basketball coach, Bob “Bobby” Knight, who in a fit of rage flung a chair across the court during a game. I don’t follow US college basketball so I had no idea who Knight was. Intrigued, I […]

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20 May 2021

In the post on Planetary Aspects I introduced the concept of aspects, detailed the kinds of Ptolemaic aspects, and described the notion of orb. The most powerful aspect is the conjunction. Two planets are conjunct when they are close to each other. The conjunction is the easiest kind of aspect to spot. Just look for […]

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18 May 2021

The sign positions of the luminaries and inner planets contribute to the personality in immediate and obvious ways. But the sign positions alone of the social planets (Jupiter and Saturn) are of less importance in defining the individual, and those of the outer planets are irrelevant. (Having said that, there are situations in which the […]

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14 May 2021

There is a correspondence between planets and signs, based on some core similarities in their natures. This correspondence is formulated in terms of the planet ruling the sign. It is important to know that the significations of a planet are not one-to-one identical with those of the signs it rules, only that there are similarities […]

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11 May 2021

Pluto, the last stop in our journey through the planetary space, is a force to reckon with. Belying its small size, it punches well above its weight. Pluto’s orbital period is 248 years. That would imply roughly 20 years in each sign, but due to its elliptic orbit, there is considerable variation. It is fastest […]

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